Making everyone feel better! How R You is an online healthcare service aggregator and intelligence platform promoted by Out Come Ventures and supported by Medestino Healthcare. Designed to meet some of the market pain points of the patients in the current national health scenario such as lack of data availability from price to certification and team, HOW R YOU is bridging the gap between the end user and service provider. Through cross channel aggregation and partnerships, we are on a vision to create healthcare more affordable and accessible to larger groups of people. Besides, we are aiming a new hospital and other healthcare experience to the end patient by bypassing some of the major bottle necks of the patient from waiting to awareness. Through second opinion, and EXCLUSIVE PATIENT JOURNEY services, HOW R YOU is looking at giving the patient a new level of comfort. Besides, we provide all medical related online services such as E-pharmacy, E-lab and diagnostics, E-home care, etc. through aggregation and specially designed exclusive services.

An ambitious healthcare start up by a group of healthcare professionals from clinical, operations and marketing background, HOW R YOU works on a target of 1 million customers in the first.

With more than 100 years of combined healthcare experience in the national market, the promoters of HOW R YOU is working on a unique B2C-B2B business model to create a profitable and scalable organisation from the initial days itself.
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