Covid Care
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If you have travelled from other country or if you do not have enough space to home quarantine, you can prefer hotel quarantines.

Separate entry and exit routes for symptomatic or asymptomatic persons, laundry and food services as per directions, disposable plates and cutleries, special room for disposing PPE, eatables, masks, gloves. All the wastes will be treated as biomedical waste

The hotel staff will be provided special medical training. Also for deep cleaning of quarantine rooms Government approached companies will be assigned.

# Hotel Location Price Booking
1 Hyson Heritage Mavoor Road Kozhikode 3000 Book Now
2 Next Stay Glitz inn Govidapuram Kozhikode 1400 Book Now
3 NextStay Zamoorin Nadakavu-Kozhikode 1400 Book Now
4 Next Stay Crystal Residency Arayidathupalam Kozhikode 1400 Book Now
5 Nextel Inn Chindhavalappu Kozhikode 1500 Book Now
6 Malabar Inn Govindapuram Kozhikode 1700 Book Now
7 Welcare Emarald Mavoor Road Kozhikode 3000 Book Now
8 Hasthinapuri Hotel Kozhikode 1100 Book Now
9 Hotel Casino Kozhikode 1100 Book Now
10 Hotel Woodies Kozhikode 5236 Book Now
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