RT-PCR 2100
It is the gold standard test for Covid-19 which gives a most accurate result. RT-PCR test is done using swabs taken from nose or throat. RNA is the genetic material present in coronavirus, but swabs taken consists of only small amount of RNA which is not enough for testing process. So RNA is converted to DNA and then copies are created using PCR process. In the next process, small pieces of DNA to bind DNA of corona is collected. Along with this, fluorescent dye is also required. All the three, swab sample, DNA pieces binded with DNA of corona, fluorescent dye is placed in PCR machine. After binding process if fluorescent signal is shown there is the presence of coronavirus.
Also known as - Viral test, molecular test, NAAT test
How the sample is taken - Nasal or Throat swab
How long it takes to get results - One day or up to a week
Is re-test needed - Does not need as it is the most accurate one
What is the result of the test - Detect active coronavirus infection
What is not shown in the test - If you were infected with the virus in the past
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